How to Know If a Document Needs to be Notarized

How to Know If a Document Needs to be Notarized

How to Know If a Document Needs to be Notarized

Most major events in life will require some kind of documentation, whether it’s a marriage license or a birth certificate. Yet notarization is often an overlooked step in authenticating these documents. Due to fraud risk, many legal documents must be notarized before they can be considered to be authentic and trustworthy. 

At Cash2Go, our notarization services make it easy to certify your documents. With our stamp of approval, you can continue to the next steps and focus on what’s most important. If you aren’t sure whether your document needs to be notarized, here are a few indicators to look out for. 

Documents That Require Notarization in Illinois

Notarization is an important process in authenticating legal documents and preventing fraud. A notary is someone who confirms a document is properly signed and executed so it upholds the individual’s wishes. If you have a mortgage, trust or deed that includes valuable assets, you can expect it to need notarization. Generally, the entity in charge, such as a federal organization, will inform you that the certificate needs to be notarized. You may notice verbiage on the document itself indicating the location to add a notary stamp.

Even if your document does not have such an indication, it likely needs notarization if it is a legal document regarding financial matters or other significant responsibilities. For instance, transferring a car title or power over an estate will require notarization, as well as matters related to life insurance policies. Since fraud can easily happen in these scenarios, notarization ensures that all transfers of money and property are properly managed.

A few additional examples of documents that commonly need notarization include: 

  • Wills and trusts
  • Transferring power of attorney
  •  Healthcare-related forms

If you have any of these documents, you should plan on discussing the next steps with our staff. We are happy to assist you. 

What Happens During Notarization?

When a document is notarized, it means it is legitimate. A notary is not expected to read through the materials nor provide legal advice: we will simply confirm by whom and when the document was notarized. In order to complete the process, we will need to confirm your identity, as well as several other checks: 

  • Verifying Identity. We will need to confirm your identity to ensure you are the appropriate individual. We’ll review all identification documents for anyone signing.
  • Signers are Willing. In order for the document to be legitimate, there can be no signs of coercion on part of the party who signs.  
  • Ability to Make Sound Decisions. A notary will confirm that all individuals singing the document are able to make sound decisions and fully understand what its terms are. 

Once everything is confirmed to be correct, you will sign the document and our notary will leave a stamp of approval. 

Visit Us For Efficient Notary Services

Cash2Go is your number one source for notarization and more. Let our professional team assist you with your needs. To learn more about our services, or to get started on authenticating your documents, give us a call.

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