Personal Check Cashing

Check Cashing
Personal Check Cashing

Personal Check Cashing

While more personal financial transactions are online and virtual, there remains a need for check cashing services! Our team members at Cash2Go are here to help with your personal check cashing needs. We understand that there are members of our Chicagoland communities who do not have a checking account at a bank. That is where we come in to help with our services!

How Personal Check Cashing Allows You to Access Your Money

Bankers keep “banking hours” – we don’t! Our Cash2Go locations are conveniently located throughout the Chicagoland region in neighbors across the city. You do not need to visit certain banks or specific locations, as all of our sites can assist you with your check cashing needs. You can see our team at one location one week and another location the next! With 15 locations and many open during nights, weekends and holidays, you will be able to find a spot to stop in when you need to cash your personal check. As part of our mission, we understand that in order to serve you properly, we have to be open! Not everyone has a job that is 9-5, so we strive to be available when you need to cash your check and access your money.

When you stop in with your personal check, you will walk out with your cash in hand. You do not need to worry about holds or other delays. Beyond personal checks, we will also help you with your money orders if you are receiving one from a family member or friend.

How You Benefit from Check Cashing Outside of Banks

  1. You can save time and energy by seeing our team for all of your financial needs in one spot. We offer a variety of financial services at our locations, so you can mark items off your to-do list easily and efficiently. You can cash your personal check, electronically pay a bill, exchange an unwanted gift card and fill up your Transit/Metra cards all with us!
  2. You can stop in at a time that fits your work and life schedule without having to juggle or adjust your day-to-day activities and plan on how to get to us during a certain window of time. Cashing checks should not cause stress!
  3. You do not need to memorize your checking account number or mess with having banking staff look it up, as that is not necessary with our team! You can walk in with your personal check and proof of identification, and we will take you through the process and get you going with your money!

How We Serve Our Communities

Our professional crew members will help you with all of your financial needs – whether they are business or personal – when you walk through our doors. Our services also include vehicle registrations and license plate renewals. You can take care of your money transfers with our knowledgeable team as well. Reach out with questions through our online contact form. 

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