Carrie M.

I went today to renew plates. Vicky was so kind and so helpful. It made paying even more fees to Illinois a little less aggravating!

Allie Steffen

I needed a title transfer, and DMV was so difficult. I am so happy I decided to go to the Glenview Currency Exchange! Vicky knew exactly what I needed and got it done stat!! She was attentive, quick, and so nice! My plates also came in less than a week after she processed my paperwork! Thanks again, Vicky. I will definitely be back!

Senan Fouad

This lady here is so nice. And the service is so fast and clean. She explained all my options with a smile on her face. (very helpful)I appreciate you!!

Cindy Paolicchi

I’ve lived in this area for 14yrs and have used this currency many many times. The people that work there are very friendly and helpful!!!! They answer all the questions I have.

Mike Factor

Very helpful staff and always willing to go the extra mile to solve any issues. Great service when I Titled my car and always smiling.

Shaq Hasan

Very friendly and great customer service! Will do whatever is required to get the job done. The employees are always easy to talk to. They’ve always been happy to help whenever needed. Great place!

Whitney Roberts

The staff here are SO patient, helpful, and kind! I never leave reviews but felt the need after two great experiences with them. Once with a title transfer and once for a large money order.

Jorge Barrera

I went to register my trailer and boat. It was so fast in and out, and I didn’t care about the fees because it is what it is. The currency Exchange people charge nothing, and it is free. I highly recommend this place.

Mark Ternstrom

I hate going to currency exchanges for obvious reasons but I went there because i had to get new license plates and was surprised. Super professional, clean, everyone spoke great English and the customer service was better than most banks. Not kidding. If you have to go to a currency exchange go here.

Charlie Sullivan

The ladies are very nice to me and courteous. They are friendly and I like how they take care of my needs when I go there.

Larry Guy

Very impressed with the new management and ownership this currency exchange has gotten in the past month! I haven’t been here in a long time but I had to get new license plates and was surprised by the new updated look and new manager/owner.. They had a line but were able to get people serviced in timely manner and even had a bi-lingual new manager to help customers which was impressive. I asked if they were new manager/owner and said yes they’d just taken over early November and were looking to improve customer relations and service the community better! I was very happy to hear that and also the fresh new look from a previously stuck in time currency. GREAT JOB! and keep up good work!! I will come back and do business here again!

Miss Daisy

Even though the currency exchange can be a little expensive for things, I still prefer it over going to the DMV right now, especially during Covid restrictions. My plates have taken quite a while to come to me, but Lisa has been extremely helpful during the process. Unfortunately, I still don’t have them, but it’s because of the actual DMV — NOT the currency exchange.

Thankfully, they’re very courteous here. As long as you’re patient, so are they. (This is to be expected… I know how I like to be treated, no reason not to treat everyone else with the same kindness!) Thank you and great job! 🙂

Car Walsh

I got my car registered at this location and they were really helpful and thorough with their work! Highly recommend this place for all your needs!

Nornoc Llib

Went to get new plates today and Mike that works there was nothing but professional and fast . No more Secretary of State offices!!!!!!

Kat Gardner

The woman that helped me with my parking sticker quite literally could not have been nicer and more helpful. She was so nice and helped me with an issue that was my fault even. 10/10 experience.

Alvarado Sandra

The girls there are always friendly polite and very helpful..thumbs up for me?

Jace Mouse

Very efficient. Maybe not the friendliest bunch, but they were professional. I had my zoned city sticker — including a change of address from a utility bill — in under five minutes.

Jermaine Boston

I had an enjoyable experience there on 7-17-20, the teller named “Petra” was very pleasant and professional handling my currency. Thank you!

D Reeves

I was here to buy a parking pass and register my car. The lady behind the counter was friendly and very knowledgeable. I have been back once more and the service level was fine.

Mike Factor

Very friendly and helpful staff!! The 3 ladies have been at the store for many years. Only Currency Exchange in the neighborhood.