Mike Factor

Very friendly and helpful staff!! The 3 ladies have been at the store for many years. Only Currency Exchange in the neighborhood.

Jason Romberger

The Libertyville Currency Exchange is a great place to go and cash your checks the staff are extremely friendly and extremely helpful and they do everything they can to help you with any questions you may have I had called first and talked before I want over and that makes everything so much easier and faster.

Kim Rushforth

I had a fine experience here today, my first visit. Stopped in to pick up Ventra bus cards. Pleasant staff and got the 5 cards fairly quickly.

Mike Goldman

Awesome facility. People are extra nice and very helpful. I’ll go out of my way just to go to this location. Grayslake, Palatine, and Dundee Road are just as good too!

Jay Chavez

First time at this currency, very professional staff, was very pleased with the quick and precise answers definitely will keep coming back to this currency from now on!

Karissa Rankin

MUCH CLEANER THAN PREVIOUS OWNER, HAS REALLY BEEN TURNED AROUND. Always greeted when I go cash my check with a hello from at least one if not both of the girls at the window, and they are very quick to get my money orders.

B Phillips

This Store accommodated my transactions quickly, efficiently, and without issue. The Staff was extremely knowledgeable, very courteous, and answered my questions with Professionalism. I will definitely be doing future business with the Lake Zurich location

G Male

I went to the local currency exchange to get the tax title license taken care of on my new car. It was shockingly fast, professional, and nice. This place has some low ratings, but they were extremely helpful and nice to me. Thank you for the good experience.

Gregg Cavanagh

I have dealt with the Currency Exchange staff on a number of matters over the last eight months. I have been impressed by their friendly demeanor, efficiency, and competence in handling my transactions. Karissa always manages to make my day brighter. I will definitely return in the future.

Tori Flasza

I recently purchased a car and needed the title and plates changed to my name. The DMV in Lake Zurich had a line too long to even consider standing in so I headed to the currency exchange and Mike helped me. I was in and out in ten minutes. He was so friendly, professional and helpful. I recommend this place to everyone, Mike was great.

Dori Dodge

Extremely friendly and helpful. I went in to get my IL plate sticker. There was a “pending” notice on my plate. Mike made a call to the secretary of state, while I was there, got the situation straightened out and I left with my sticker in under 10 min! Thanks again, Mike, you really made my day!

JT Judkins

Come here every Friday to cash my check and the young lady working there is always so nice ☺️ never had a hard time here 10/10 recommend


Location under new owner/management and you can tell a difference already! I was in the other day for license plate renewal and they’ve got new management and the staff was very nice when they greeted you. The store was very clean and When I asked if the same owner they said no and the owner was actually in store and I expressed our concerns before and he said he would be around more along with new manager to work with staff to make sure they give a better customer experience than what was done in past.. He said they’ll be doing updates/minor remodeling to store along with better lighting for everyone. The owner apologized for anything myself or anyone experienced before, even though it wasn’t his fault but wants our business back and is committed to make it right again. So far he is delivering!! Thank you !!

Jason Wydra

I’ve been going here for 3 years. I have never witnessed rudeness from the staff. It is NOT a high crime area as some suggest. I’ve never been begged for money while leaving. The complaints I see on here are most likely from people who just plain and simply hate their lives and are always angry about something. I’ve witnessed these types of customers while in line. This business is a business I will continue to go to.

Robert Navarrete

This location was open late so we decided to take a chance and drive up there from Mundelein when most local ones were closing. We needed to transfer an out of state title. The girls there were very helpful and processed our request with zero issues. Thank you!

Monica Ramirez

My first time in this currency and all I have to say is the service is fast and the people very nice, better than the Secretary of State.

Jason Casebolt

I go here about once every 2 weeks and they always handle my business with professional courtesy. Nothing but good things to say about this currency exchange and the employees that work there.

Ami C.

I had purchased a car that day and need to register it before I left Wauconda area to go back home to Chicago. I went into this place to get my new title and plates. They were very helpful and professional. I was out the door in 15 min with plates in hand.

Mara Jade

The women who work there have been super nice every time I’ve gone in there. Yes, it’s expensive, but you’re paying for convenience. They are comparably priced to every other currency exchange I’ve ever used.

Erik Zimmer

I go here every Monday. Clarissa has the best attitude nice smile is always so nice to me even if she is really busy keep up the good work young lady you will go far in life with that great attitude