The Top 6 Benefits of Prepaid Debit Cards

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The Top 6 Benefits of Prepaid Debit Cards

The Top 6 Benefits of Prepaid Debit Cards

A prepaid debit card can be your ticket to shopping and managing your money. They are essentially a credit card in application but are backed up by the amount that you have loaded onto them, so you cannot spend beyond what is available. Our Cash2Go team looks at the top benefits of putting a prepaid debit card into your wallet.

Your Money: Since your prepaid debit card is loaded up with your own funds, you are not borrowing from a bank or credit card company. This allows you to have direct access to your own money without needing a credit check or paying fees. You can pick one up at any of our many locations throughout Chicagoland easily without needing a bank account.

Your Budget: Since you can only spend what is available on your prepaid debit card, having one in hand can be an easy way to keep your monthly budget on track. You will not have access to a large number of funds like you do if you have a credit card with a high spending limit. If you are a person who would benefit from a restricted spending allowance, then a prepaid debit card is a good choice for you.

Your Cash Flow: Having a prepaid debit card is similar to having a credit card or account, as it allows you to pay bills, purchase items online and receive funds. It is an easy option for all of your cash needs that are controlled by you. 

Your Bills: If you are in need of actual cash paper dollars, then you can put your card into use by visiting an ATM. Our Cash2Go locations also have ATMs on-site for you to withdraw actual money from your prepaid debit card. Your card works as both a credit card and a debit card.

Your Shopping: Having a credit card is essential to purchasing anything online, and your prepaid debit card will allow you to shop online without the excessive amounts of money that is available through a regular credit card. 

Your Safety: A prepaid debit card can be a safer way of carrying your money if you are concerned about having too much cash on hand. If something does happen to your card, it can be canceled. 

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If you want to start a new prepaid debit card or load up additional funds, our team can assist you at any of our locations. Prepaid debit cards are just one of the many financial services that we provide to our community members. We can also issue money orders, help you pay bills electronically, exchange your gift cards and help you with money orders. Our professional crew members can also assist with notary services, copies of marriage or birth certificates, and vehicle registration. If you have questions, please reach out through our online contact form. 

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