Why It’s Important to Register Your Vehicle in Illinois

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Why It’s Important to Register Your Vehicle in Illinois

Why It’s Important to Register Your Vehicle in Illinois

Before you get behind the wheel for your latest trip or to run errands, take a moment to check on the status of your registration. While previously, the state of Illinois had sent out reminders to Illinois residents, that process ceased back in 2016, so it is up to residents to keep track of renewals and avoid late fees.

Having a registered vehicle with an up-to-date sticker is required to be a legal driver in the state of Illinois. Driving on expired plates can cause issues and spur late fees. If you are pulled over for speeding or other moving violations by a law enforcement officer, you could face additional tickets and fees every time you hit the road with an expired plate. If you let your license plates expire, you can also face a late fee when you finally get in to renew your plates.

Find Your Easy, One-Stop Solution to License Plate Renewals

Our Cash2Go team is here to help you stay legal as a driver in Illinois. You do not need to worry about waiting in line or the hassle of heading into the Secretary of State’s Office. Our locations across Chicagoland provide the service of license plate renewals. We strive to provide a quick and easy solution to your renewals. 

Before you visit us at any of our convenient locations to renew your stickers, make sure that you are ready to go. You will need to bring in your Registration ID card, PIN and a form of payment. You can find your Registration ID number and PIN on your Registration ID card. Any renewal paperwork should also contain this information. Our team can work with you on renewal of not only your vehicle registrations, but also any boat, trailer or RV registrations or renewals that you need to take care of. 

Vehicle Registration is Also Available With Our Team

A vehicle that is new to you will also need to be registered with the state as that is the law. Our Cash2Go team members can help you with this registration process as well as any renewals. Our locations are the convenient way to register your car, boat, RV, trailer or registration. To take care of this, please bring in your state-issued ID, title of the vehicle you are registering and proof of residency, such as a bill in your name. Please also note the miles on your odometer for our team to help you.

Connect With Our Team for Additional Services

Beyond vehicle registrations and renewals, our Cash2Go crew can assist you with a variety of money services, including electronic bill pay, foreign currency exchange, check cashing, money transfers, notary services and gift card exchange. We can issue you a money order and prepaid debit cards as well. To find us or for more information, reach out through our online contact form.

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