Consumer Check Cashing

Check Cashing

There are many advantages to cashing your checks at Cash2Go Financial brand of Currency Exchanges including:

Convenient Hours
Great Customer Service
Quick Access to Cash

And for your conviencie, we cash all types of checks:

Payroll Checks   |  Insurance Drafts  |  Government Benefits  |  Tax Refunds |  Attorney’s Checks  |  Money Orders

Banks may put a hold on your deposited funds for several days. When you cash your check with us, you get cash instantly. We make every possible effort to cash your check in a fast courteous and efficient manner.

How are we different then a bank?
When you deposit a check into a bank, a waiting period is usually assessed. This waiting period, sometimes called a clearing period, is the length of time the bank will hold checks in order to assess whether or not the funds are available. The clearing period can sometimes be 5, 10, or even 25 days. That’s 25 days before you can access your money.  With Us… Bring in your check and leave with cash. Its that simple.

What should you bring to cash my check?
The first time you come into one of our locations we may ask for a valid photo ID (Driver’s License, State ID, Passport, Green Card Etc.). You may also be asked for your Social Security number.

Are you a small business owner in need of cash fast?  Click here to learn more about our Small Business Check Cashing Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  We cash all type tax refund checks.  We also cash social security and disability checks as well.

In most cases, we are not able to cash personal checks, but their are acceptions.  Please call us to we will be happy to assist.